Bewdley School Rolls Out Student Be You Programme


A school-based educational programme, which will be funded by the Oakland Foundation children’s charity, is continuing to grow in popularity with the latest school, The Bewdley School, commencing Be You delivery after Easter.

Building on the Programme’s successful delivery at other Worcestershire schools the 12-week Be You Programme combines on-site and off-site outdoor learning activities with a focus on raising self-esteem. Through teambuilding, leadership and STEM activities, the programme helps students become resilient to challenge, change and failure as they learn to take ownership for their personal development, which is then celebrated and showcased at an end of programme Graduation ceremony.

The Bewdley School commented: “The support from the Oakland Foundation has given us the opportunity to offer this fantastic programme to a group of our students who we know will benefit hugely from being able to access this alternative programme to support both their academic studies and wellbeing.”

The Oakland Foundation charity provides grants to support youth programmes for children under the age of 16 and their families through initiatives based around education, health and nutrition, and sport. The charity’s aim is to ensure every child, irrespective of social background, challenges or physical ability, can participate.

Oakland Foundation Grant Application Coordinator Debbie Roberts commented: “It was great to visit The Bewdley School and hear of their plans for the students who will be part of the latest Be You Programme. There is so much careful planning which needs to be done by the school, in partnership with Steve who runs Be You.

“I am looking forward to visiting again on behalf of the Oakland Foundation trustees to see and hear the students’ experiences, it’s an exciting opportunity for them!”