Nailstone Children’s Project Makes Huge Community Impact


With a growing number of young children, Nailstone, a small rural village in Leicestershire, is delighted with their new play equipment thanks to funding from children’s charity Oakland Foundation.

With the aim to build a trim trail in the village Church Meadow to support the increased number of local children, the project was designed to not only fit the environment but also to provide equipment for a wide range of ages and physical abilities that would help develop both physical and social skills.

Driving force behind the children’s project Hana Darlington said: “Having the trim trail not only encourages children to be more physically active and to enjoy the park, but also to build relationships whilst spending more time outside rather than being isolated at home. Especially children with disabilities who previously had to travel to neighbouring villages can now bond with other children in their community.”

Through crowdfunding and support from local businesses and the community, in addition to the support from the Oakland Foundation, the project was completed in less than six months and is a welcome boost to this rural community.

“Thank you to the Oakland Foundation for your valuable support, it may have seemed like a small project, but it has made a huge impact on our community,” said Hana.

Launched by family business and total supply chain solutions provider Oakland International, the Oakland Foundation charity supports children under the age of 16 and their families through initiatives based around education, health and nutrition, and sport, with their aim to ensure children, irrespective of social background or physical ability, can participate.

Oakland Foundation Grant Application Coordinator Debbie Roberts added: “The Nailstone children’s project was a real “grass roots” project driven by children and their parents coming together to see how they could raise money to create the trim trail in their local village park.

“Children were involved from the outset, and they were delighted with the results which are now creating hours of fun for them outdoors with their friends.”