Oasis Centre Wardon Funding


We love to receive feedback from organisations we have supported and at the beginning of November Foundation funding saw the Oasis Centre able to hire a 53-seat coach for their trip to Wonderland in Telford.

Oasis Centre Warndons Amy Mullens said: “Our families had an amazing time enjoying the rides and sights as well as the fantastic public park next door to Wonderland.

“Thank you so much Oakland Foundation for your generosity. All our families were so appreciative of the trip.”

One of the single mothers shared with the Oasis Centre their thanks for having something so special to do with her five children during half term. She said: “I never could have been able to give them a day like this. I am just barely affording the basics, so to get to do this was such a gift.”

Our best wishes to you all and those you support Oasis Centre Wardon!