Rigby Hall School


As responsible funders the Trustees of Oakland Foundation have been ‘keeping in touch ‘ with various projects which have previously received funding. Foundation Trustees believe it is fundamental to develop ongoing relationships with organisations and schools who have received grants, more vital than ever during challenging economic times.

Donations Coordinator, Debbie Roberts, met with Emma Shelton from Rigby Hall School in Bromsgrove which had previously received Foundation funding for a children’s after school project, and as part of the visit Emma showed Debbie around the ‘life skills village’ the School has developed. You can see in the picture’s background various ‘units’ each used for a specific purpose: woodwork, cookery, a hair salon, gymnasium etc.

Said Debbie: “It was amazing to see the developments at the school which clearly demonstrate their commitment to improving outcomes for children and young people who have a range of learning difficulties and/or autism.”