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The Foundation’s focus is to helpdisadvantaged children under the age of 16 and their families, particularly projects in areas where our main sponsor ‘Oakland International’ is an integral part of the local community (Redditch, Bardon, Corby, Worksop). We provide support based on the following themes:

Education: to ensure children get the best education, no matter their background.
Health and nutrition: to ensure children have an awareness of healthy food and lifestyle choices.
Sport: to ensure children have access to sport and activities irrespective of social background or physical ability.

Annually can only fund so many worthy causes which is why we focus our support on projects based in areas where our main sponsor Oakland International is an integral part of the local community, currently we can only consider projects in ‘Worcestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire’.

Capital Funding Applications:

Please note: Capital funding is only given in exceptional circumstances and usually forms part of a partnership funding agreement. Should any organisation wish to discuss a potential application for capital funding please contact Debbie Roberts, Oakland Foundation Grant Application Coordinator, for an initial discussion by emailing:

Operating Expense Applications:

The Oakland Foundation does not provide funding for any overhead or operating expenses e.g. wages for contracted staff, lease payments and utility bills.

If you require any assistance in completing your application please email:

We encourage applications from organisations and people of all backgrounds and cultures.

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